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Rick Vj

Ricky VJ has been involved into the Private and Public Security for last 7 years. He is a Licensed Security Consultant and Security Worker from the Justice of Public Safety and Solicitor General. He has worked into Private Security companies Overseases as well. He has done lots of self study online and from lots of other sources (Books, online courses etc) which makes him to think what skills every security guard must have. Basic Security Training teaches every basic security skills that every security guard must have. Our online Training courses are only those training courses which we feel might help our guards to work more effectively in the industry. A lots of information has been attained online and present in these courses to make our guard more effective in this industry.Your Basic Security Training (BST) is an British Columbia Ministry regulated course and there is no way, Our in house non regulated training courses are intended to replace them. Our in-house non regulated courses can only help you improving your skills.

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    What constitutes as sexual harassment?

    • What is sexual harassment?

    • What are the implications and requirements following sexual harassment

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